Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea is a funny girl who likes to play with dogs and human. Sometimes she will be so excited seeing us and become snappy but she loves human very much. She will need a family with patience and experience with snappy dogs, and without children.


Pickle is a very gentle and friendly dog, who is patiently waiting at Tai Po Homing Centre for you to give him a home.


Carlo is a bit shy at first so he will need some time to get to know you, but once he does he will open up and be a playful and happy little boy.


Loopy is a cheerful dog who loves everyone. She always carries a big smile on her face, which is very cute with her a little chubby body shape. She loves going for walks and playing with her doggie friends.


Martha is rescued from breeders. Though she is not young but we still hope she can go to a home that is able to provide her with the exercise, training and attention a Rottweiler needs. As with all ex-breeder dogs, she will almost certainly need training on toilet training because they have previously always been


If you live in a typical Hong Kong sized apartment, Viva is the perfect size for you! She is such a lovely girl who always has a wagging tail and to top it off, she already knows some basic commands.


One of a litter of puppies who grew up on Lamma before moving to Tai Po at 6 months, Toppie is a sweet girl if a little bit shy at first. Toppie is very loyal to the people she bonds with and will make an unwavering companion for the right person.


Ruby can’t see very well due to cataracts in both eyes but she is a sweet and gentle girl.


Soxy is a high energy dog who grew up at the Lamma kennels. He gets his name from his white paw that makes it look like he’s wearing one sock! He is adjusting to kennel life and is a senior dog now but we still hope he can find his forever home soon.


Noel has been at HKDR since he was a tiny fluffball of a puppy. Probably the cutest of his litter, Noel is a really lovely dog. This gorgeous fluffy boy is a bit on the shy side but once he gets to know you he will show you all he wants are hugs and kisses.


Handsome boy Finn knew he wanted to have a forever home one day, and while once a free roaming village dog, he couldn’t resist the hope of having a family to call his own. Finn enjoys the simple pleasures in any dog’s life (walks, treats, and companionship). Since he is still quite young, Finn would


Jacob is a very energetic and frisky boy. He spends most of his time playing with other doggies. He is surely fond of joining in a happy home which can offer him adequate chances for exercise.