Emmet loves affection and exercise.  He is a perfect companion for any families looking for an active, sweet and bigger sized dog.  He will not stop kissing the volunteers once they walk into his enclosure!


Scribble is a perfect size for you if you live in a typical Hong Kong apartment. He is always happy and wants to get out from his pen! He gets along well with other dogs and is well behaved. Now waiting for his permanent home at our Tai Po Homing Centre.


Sweet Sophie is always relaxed and laid back. You just can’t resist giving her more cuddles and hugs when you see her face. Sophie may be shy at first but she just shines once you gain her trust.


Foxy is quite shy but very gentle. She will need a patient adopter as she opens up and becomes a great family dog.


Elvis, along with Cheeky and Waggy, survived both distemper and parvovirus as a baby pup. Because they were infected they had to be isolated, so their first few months were very lonely. Evis is now 100% healthy and is very delightful, if a little shy!


This fluffy girl Bunty is full of character, she love to stay alone at the corner to look at what others are doing and enjoy a sun bath at the same time. She is quite shy at the beginning but once she gets to know you, she would fall in love with you and beg


Kimbo is a handsome boy. He is very sweet and gets along well with everyone. He is a little bit shy but a very happy doggy who loves to play. He would be wonderful in any family and is waiting for his forever family in Tai Po.


Mambo loves people attention and going out for walks. He is an active adult and has lots of energy who does not seem to get tired at all. He enjoys jogging with humans a lot! He also has an incredibly sweet nature and is ready to give you loads of hugs and kisses all the


Camilla is shy in nature which makes her nervous in new situations, but once familiar with the environment and caretakers, she is relaxed and happy in human company. She gets along well with other dogs and would do best in a home with another dog.


Janet is a shy girl who always stays near the dog house. However she still loves to go for walks and will approach to you after she has get to know you.


Although she is small she is packed full of character. She loves her walks and insists of being at the front of the pack to get all the good sniffs. She would be a great dog for an active family.


Sinbad is a little shy at first but he is still happy to go out with you no matter what. His little ears give him a very cute look. Please come meet Sinbad at Tai Po!