Dopey is very sweet and affectionate girl. Like her name she is a bit silly and slow but she is actually a very smart dog. When she first came she had never walked on a leash before and quickly learned how to. Dopey is gentle and calm, easy with other dogs and people. She would


Latte is a timid girl in Tai Po Centre. She loves human interaction, cuddles and walks but because she is afraid of other dogs. If you want to take her out for a walk, you need to have great patience and give her time to let her get to know you and establish trust. Once


Samson used to be very timid but with patience and love from volunteers, he has learned to go out for walks. He is a very gentle boy.


Parsnip is very friendly and sweet and he enjoys being around people. He loves to go for walks and is always a happy boy; he may be the perfect addition your family has been looking for! Parsnip is waiting for his forever home, please come meet at our Ap Lei Chau Homing Centre!


Celia is a happy girl that is sweet and independent (not overly needy) . She loves to draw people’s attention to gain her petting time, you would know how happy she is from her face when people is around her. She is waiting for a home at Tai Po Homing Centre.


Blanco needs time to get to know you before he can be completely trusting. He would prefer to be a single dog at home and in a family without young children and needs an understanding and experienced owner.


Orla is a very beautiful and active dog. She is a bit shy at times but is definitely very affectionate at heart. Please come meet her at Tai Po.


Prudence was a homeless mother and she is very tough to survive it and now she is ready to start a new chapter of her own life. She is very sweet and always show her big smile which will definitely lighten your day.


Jenna is a very sweet girl who only wants lots of cuddles and love. She is relatively young and given her breed nature, she will need adequate exercise to release her energy.


Who can resist Barley’s cuteness? Like his four siblings who came to HKDR from AFCD government kennels, Barley is sweet but shy. He will be perfect for a patient family who understands that some dogs take more time to open up but once the bond is built, they will be amazingly loving and loyal.


Rudolf is a strong and playful boy. He is a great walker and loves playing with other dogs. He knows how to sit and stay. He would make a great family pet.