We care about our dogs, even after they are rehomed.

Most dogs are given to us through no fault of their own and go on to make loving, loyal companions but sadly there are always a few exceptions which have certain health or behavior issue. Although all dogs from us will be rehomed with detailed information, we understand that some families may be less experienced to accommodate to the changes a new dog brings to their life.

All HKDR adopters, past, present and future have access to a fully qualified, US-trained Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA®) who can answer any question relating to behavioural or training issues. Please contact our in-house trainer Cactus via email at education@hongkongdogrescue.com for all your training support needs.

As part of our post-adoption support, adopters can also join our own Positive Partners Dog-Human Training course at a discounted price. We aim at coaching the human parents to understand and communicate with their 4-legged kids, and to motivate them to voluntarily offer good manners and blend happily with their family and the human world. For more details and registration, please click here.