adoptWe have more than 600 dogs waiting for their forever homes — you can find most of their profiles on the Dogs page.


We always have puppies of all ages needing homes, even though their details aren’t on the website’s dog profiles because they grow and change so quickly.  You can meet a big selection of puppies every Sunday at Whiskers N Paws, 2pm to 5pm, or any day by arrangement.

If you are looking for a puppy to join your family or home, please start by completing the Adoption Questionnaire.

Please note:  If you have young children please consider adopting a slightly older puppy who has grown out of the play-biting stage and whose sharp baby teeth have changed to rounder adult ones. This happens at around 5 months when the puppy is still young enough to adapt very quickly to a new home but is easier to train and handle than a baby pup.

Remember adopting a puppy must be a family decision and not done for the children only.  Children under teenage years cannot be responsible for the care and exercise of a puppy/dog, no matter how many promises they make.

Puppies grow!  We can’t make any guarantees about the final size of any puppy, so please be aware that you may end up with a large dog even if the puppy is very small when adopted.

IMPORTANT: Adoption is a lifelong commitment and dogs often live until they are around 15 years old.  If you have any hesitation in making a promise to keep a dog until the end of its days, please DO NOT adopt.  We are always in need of foster homes for puppies (and dogs), so think about helping temporarily.  You can still enjoy the company of a dog or puppy without the commitment, and we do not want to have puppies returned at a later stage in their lives.

WNP Sunday puppy afternoon