Timmie is a real sweetheart of a dog, tall and slender with a loving personality. He reminds everyone here of ex-HKDR dog, Monty. We hope to find Timmie a similarly great home as Monty’s.


Vivian is an active adult who loves attention and cuddles. Please come meet her at Tai Po and see for yourself how lovely she is.


Savanna is timid little girl and very careful in picking people to take her for a walk. When out walking however, she is happy and confident. She will strive to get your attention, not by jumping up but by going around you to make sure you can see her face. Once she knows you, you


Ruby can’t see very well due to cataracts in both eyes but she is a sweet and gentle girl.


Chocolate is a very beautiful medium-sized girl who loves being petted all the time. She loves going for walks, getting attention from human but you cannot expect her to be cuddly all the time. She has got beautiful fur that will require proper grooming. She is not suitable for a home with young children though


Biggy is a little bit shy, but once he knows you he is such a sweet loving dog. He gets on well with most of the dogs.


Ovaltine is a sweet and calm dog. She is often over-looked simply because she does not rush to the gate and jump on volunteers like others do, but she would enjoy getting attention from a human of her own. If you are looking for a well-behaved and quiet dog, ask for Ovaltine.


Wally may have his grumpy times but he is a sweet boy. He may not have any teeth left and has arthritis but it doesn’t bother him at all, he still enjoys going for short walks. Can you give Wally a comfy forever home?


Blanco needs time to get to know you before he can be completely trusting. He would prefer to be a single dog at home and in a family without young children and needs an understanding and experienced owner.


Polo is the son (Pecan- father, Toffee- mother) of the three labradors. They were surrendered to us as their old owner was unable to take care of them anymore.This Labrador family of parents and son had been staying in the house and garden for 8-9 years since they were puppies and had never experienced life outside