2 years old Pippa, the poodle/terrier-cross is from AFCD. She is gorgeous, happy and friendly little dog, her type of coat that suits people with allergies to dog hair.


Flippy is a multi breed and one of Tai Po’s young guns that meet and greet all visitors. She is very affectionate with our volunteers and she cannot stop licking their hands when she sees them.


Beanie is a large-sized beautiful black mongrel. He used to be a very timid dog but he has now gained a lot more confidence. Now he would enjoy going out for walks as much as others.


Doc is a handsome and sweet young boy. He looks just like his sister Dopey but an all black version. Doc has a lot of confidence and is outgoing with people and other dogs. He is a fast learner and loves to play, but is also generally gentle and calm. He would be suited for


Orla is a very beautiful and active dog. She is a bit shy at times but is definitely very affectionate at heart. Please come meet her at Tai Po.


Jill was brought up on Lamma where she stayed with small dogs and have the chance to go swimming and running at the beach on Sundays. Jill is the quiet girl of the family. She needs a few minutes to get to know you before falling for you.


3-year-old black pug Tiggy who is currently in a foster home recovering from her desexing and knee surgery on both legs. She’s another young and very sweet dog who will be an amazing family dog.


Barry was rescued from AFCD as an adult. He is a happy, energetic boy that loves to go for walks and play with his doggie friends, plus he has a super sweet nature.


Bell needs time to get to know you before he can be completely trusting. He would prefer to be a single dog at home and in a family without young children and needs an understanding and experienced owner.


Jonny came to us from AFCD so we didn’t know much about him but we’ve discovered he is a lovely and friendly boy. He is a typical poodle in the sense that he is very active and requires long walks and lots of exercise to tire him out. He is very energetic and becomes much calmer once


Kebab was once an extremely timid puppy, but his confidence with humans grows more each day. He is still a bit nervous, but he loves to go on walks and is good on a leash. With time, Kebab can grow to be a confident dog. He gets along well with other dogs. He is waiting


Blake is a wonderful and easygoing doglet with a very sweet nature, great with other dogs,  and is perfect for a home with children.