We depend on our dedicated volunteers to exercise and socialize the 600 dogs waiting in our Tai Po Homing Centre (medium to large sized dogs) and Kennedy Town Homing Centre (older puppies to small-medium sized dogs). We especially need help on weekdays for cleaning, dog-walking etc.
No experience is necessary. All you need is a love of dogs, a good sense of responsibility and commitment, and the willingness to get your hands (and clothes) dirty!
*You must be 18 years old or above to volunteer at HKDR Homing Centres.
*Please note that Kennel Volunteers should help with all related duties on request. Most common on-site tasks would be cleaning, unloading dog food upon delivery, disposing unwanted materials such as dog houses etc.
*All Kennel Volunteers are required to attend an Orientation Class (Tai Po: 3-hour; Kennedy Town: 1.5-hour) and finish the subsequent supervised shifts to become an official registered volunteer. A HKDR volunteer T-shirt will be distributed for successful registration.
Thank you to all the volunteers who are helping out at the Homing Centres for the dogs despite these changing times and lack of manpower for kennel work!
In case of any injuries or disabilities that make you fail to help with the requested tasks, kindly report to the staff on-duty.

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