*** Registered volunteers ONLY ***

We really love for our dogs to have a chance to get out and about in Hong Kong and enjoy nature with our volunteers.

If you are a registered, experienced and currently active volunteer and would like to take our dogs for a hike, please review the notes below before completing the registration form :

  • Hiking requests MUST be submitted at least 48 hours in advance;
  • All requests MUST be approved by HKDR before you collect your dog;
  • Only ONE dog can be taken out by each volunteer.
  • Individual volunteer must obtain reference from a shift supervisor, senior volunteer or staff member on his/her ability to handle the dog;
  • Volunteers must collect the approved dog IN PERSON from the homing centre;
  • The dog should be returned to the homing centre BEFORE 5pm on the day of the hike;
  • The dogs MUST NEVER EVER be let off leash when hiking (or walking);
  • HKDR will only approve dogs that are considered suitable for hiking and not scheduled for adoption appointments.
  • 5 regular shifts should be fulfilled before the next outing