Target is the cutest lazybones. His favourite hobbies are eating and sleeping. When all the Tai Po staff are working you can easily hear Target snoring away in the background. He is very cuddly and easy-going, only getting a bit bossy when food is around 😉 Come meet this gorgeous boy!


Savanna is timid little girl and very careful in picking people to take her for a walk. When out walking however, she is happy and confident. She will strive to get your attention, not by jumping up but by going around you to make sure you can see her face. Once she knows you, you


Perry needs time to get to know you before he can be completely trusting. He would prefer to be in a family without young children and needs an understanding and experienced owner.


Lucas is a very sweet and active big dog. He previously had a miserable caged life but now he is ready to be spoiled!


Typhoo is a very friendly and affectionate dog that we have in Tai Po! He enjoys playing with other doggie friends and always wants a rub on the head!


Janet is a shy girl who always stays near the dog house. However she still loves to go for walks and will approach to you after she has get to know you.


If you live in a typical Hong Kong sized apartment, Viva is the perfect size for you! She is such a lovely girl who always has a wagging tail and to top it off, she already knows some basic commands.


Lita and her almost identical sister, Darka (adopted), were given these names so we could identify them as one is lighter than the other (darker). She has been grown up to be a  very beautiful doggy with happy and friendly personalities. 


Constance came to us from AFCD with her litter. Some of her puppies have been adopted with a few and herself still waiting for permanent homes not necessarily together. Constance walks nicely on a leash and enjoy walks at the beach. Please fill out the online questionnaire and ask for a meeting if you can


Banksy spent quite some time in a foster home where he got used to living in a family environment, so he is used to family life.  However we feel he wouldn’t be comfortable in a home with young children, although fine with older ones.


Banjo looks like a little German Shepherd but he isn’t a purebreed, just a loveable little guy waiting for a home.


Robert is a curious boy who loves the nature side. He is gentle with human even with kids and he would enjoy a home with outside garden instead of being kept in a confined apartment. He is easy-going and enjoys quiet time on his own too. Please come meet him!