Sponsored Walk

Please join the Sponsored Walk and help raise even more money for HKDR’s dogs during ‘Pulse 2 Fun’ by getting your friends and colleagues to sponsor you for the Pulse 2 Fun walk. Sponsorship for YOUR walk is one of the most important parts of the day, and this event helps us raise important funds. Even by helping raise a few hundred additional dollars makes a difference! This money helps ensure that all the dogs in the care of HKDR continue to be well fed and cared for.


How to collect the money from your sponsors?

1. Download and print the application form or set up your own online fundraising page

  • Online Sponsorship We offer online fundraising tools to enable you to collect donation from your friends and family electronically.




  • Offline Sponsorship

Download P2F 2019 Sponsorship Form

2. Take your application form with you everywhere you go and ask people to add their name and an HK$value! Take the form to school, work, your local bar, in fact EVERYWHERE you can think of!

TIP: it’s easier to collect the money from your sponsor at the point they fill in the form.  This saves you having to contact and meet them at a later date and ensures you get the money!

3. Bring your sponsor form and the money and crossed cheques with you on the Pulse 2 Fun walk. NO coins, please! When you get to The Pulse – take the form and the money or crossed cheques to the Sponsor Form Collection table (See the map on the back of the sponsorship form for booth information).

How can my sponsors obtain a tax receipt?

Tax receipts can be issued for amounts of $100 or more on request. If a sponsor requests a tax receipt, please indicate on the sponsor form and be sure to get an email address. We cannot process tax receipts with insufficient information.

If I am not able to attend Pulse 2 Fun in person, how can I hand in the sponsored walker form and money?

If you were unable to attend Pulse 2 Fun in person on the day but were sponsored for the walk, kindly hand in your sponsored walker form and money in either cash or cheque(s) to one of the following locations no later than 6pm on the day itself if you would like to enter the prize-winning competition: –

Ap Lei Chau Homing Centre

Address: Shop A, G/F, 5 Wai Fung Street, Ap Lei Chau

Tai Po Homing Centre

Address: 6 Shek Lin Road, Tai Po,

Late donations are of course still most welcome but cannot be entered into the Top Sponsor competition.