Dog Matters

The best thing about Pulse 2 Fun is that dogs are the VIP guests of the day!

Our team is doing everything possible to make the day as wonderful and exciting as possible for everyone – especially the dogs – but we need your help too. Please remember that at Pulse 2 Fun, your dog is acting as an ambassador for all Hong Kong dogs!

Please remember these basics:

Leashes on – please keep all dogs on leash at all times.

Water, water! – water will placed at all stages along the way, but please be sure to bring some of your own for your dog! Fresh, clean water will keep your dog energized throughout the excitement of the party.

Poop Happens! Please clean up – you will receive some poop bags in your goodie bag. Please use them.

Noise and distractions – there will be lots of new sights and sounds for your dogs. Please keep an eye on your dog for any signs of distress and be sure to give them a stroll around the neighborhood if they need a little quiet time.

Emergency care – We have Acorn on site for dog medical emergencies. 

Observing these simple basics will keep your dogs and everyone else happy!