Thank you for your help. Our volunteer recruitment period for flag day has closed.

  • 14 歲以下義工必須由家長或監護人陪同參與。
  • 本會將於七月上旬電郵閣下商議有關旗袋事宜。
  • 本會將為各義工購買意外保險。
  • 歡迎帶同你的狗狗一起去賣旗籌款!
  • 如你帶同你的狗隻去賣旗籌款,請緊記你的狗狗的健康是最重要的。請時刻留意狗隻的狀況及提供足夠的水份,並避免長期停留在太陽底下。義工亦應確保你的狗狗是在沒有壓力的情況下與路人打招呼。
  • 為感謝各位義工的支持,所有賣旗義工將獲發義工感謝狀一張。
  • 團體義工(學校或公司)報名查詢請電郵至

如有任何查詢請致電 2552 0121 或電郵 與我們聯絡。

  • Unless accompanied by parents/guardians, children under 14 years of age are not permitted to sell flags.
  • Email will be sent to volunteers for flag bag collection arrangement.
  • All flag sellers will be insured.
  • You are welcomed to bring your dog with you!
  • For volunteers who will be coming with dogs, please be reminded that the dogs’ well-being should be a top priority. Please be attentive to the dogs and make sure the dogs will be hydrated and not staying under the sun. Volunteers should also make sure the dogs are comfortable to be greeting people and won’t be put under any distress.
  • To acknowledge volunteer’s unconditional support, all flag day volunteer will receive an appreciation certificate.
  • For group volunteer (company/school) registeration, please email us at

For more information, please contact us at 2552 0121 or