Breed : Multibreed
M/F : Male
Size : Medium 10-20kg
Centre : Tai Po
Age : 1 Year 2 Month
Microchip No. :606 039 020

Tumble was very shy at first but has been very behaved from day one. He is very calm despite of the windy weather outside, during the car ride home.

Unlike other dogs, it takes longer for Tumble to get used to humans. Yet, once he has developed trust in you, he started to show his loving character—sitting quietly next to you when you were eating, waiting outside your room when you nearly woke up and waiting quietly in front of the door when you were nearly back from work.

Tumble likes nature, especially grasses and trees—these are things he feels most comfortable with. If you are looking for a calm dog, Tumble will be a good companion.