Breed : Multibreed
M/F : Female
Size : Small: below 10kg
Centre : Kennedy Town
Age : 3 Year 8 Month
Microchip No. :606 317 027

Ella is a very loyal dog and is extremely well behaved. Although initially reserved (she only shows her emotion with subtle tail wags), with love and patience, Ella gradually warms up to her surroundings. Once comfortable, Ella is an expressive and affectionate dog who jumps for joy when she sees you open the door as you come home. She also loves to cuddle and relax at home.

While Ella has a relaxed nature at home, she absolutely loves going on walks – she runs excitedly to the door as soon as she hears the leash jingle! She walks well on a leash and does not pull or suddenly run. On walks, Ella walks right by your side and constantly looks up to make sure you’re next to her.

Bonding with Ella is worth the wait and once she shows you her playful nature, you can tell she fully trusts and loves you.