BannerHKDR is proud to launch our “Taking the Lead” Dog Parenting Workshops again this year. We’ll be covering a variety of subjects, each of them targeting a different section of the dog-owning community, all of which are designed to help improve dog-human understanding and so reduce the number of pets being abandoned. Each workshop is packed with practical information and hands-on skills that both new and experienced dog owners will find very useful. It’s time to take the lead to walk, to love and to learn more about our dogs!

救狗之家很高興今年再度推出「醒目狗主工作坊」。工作坊的題材廣泛,以迎合狗主的不同需要,內容全部為改善人狗關係而設,期望能增加狗主對狗狗的認識,從而減少犬隻被遺棄的數目。每個工作坊均資訊與實踐兼備,無論新手或經驗狗主均會受用無窮。 是時候為狗狗學多一點,愛多一點!


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