Breed : Mixed Breed
M/F : Male
Size : Large above 20kg
Centre : Tai Po
Age : 2 Year 11 Month
Microchip No. :603 549 097

When you walk into his enclosure you will find Sonic greeting you with his non-stop wagging tail. He loves to play and to be around humans, and he has tons of love to give as well. He’s waiting at our Tai Po Homing Centre for his forever home so come and meet him there.

He has stayed at a foster home during typhoon period and his foster parent has a lot of good things to say about him:
“The moment Sonic set foot in our car, he instantly transformed into our dog as if we had him for a long time. Sonic was so excited and curious about everything on our drive back home and he couldn’t stop giving me and my mum kisses. Once he arrived at our home, he quickly adapted to the new environment and continued to show us his gentle and friendly side by quietly accompanying us wherever we were and of course, giving us more and more kisses. He loves eating and whenever we were having our meals, he would sit quietly next to us, accompanying the family in the same space. He loves being pampered, and he enjoyed his shower as well as us cleaning his ears during the stay (which isn’t common among the dogs I have encountered previously!).
I would also say that Sonic is a very considerate dog too. He slept comfortably in his dog bed in my room and would patrol around my bed every hour after he woke up and gently licked on my arm to check if I was awake or not, and he would continue to rest until I was ready to get out of bed. In addition, he is extremely loyal and loves to be around people, when either one of us returned home, he would wag his tail so hard that his butt would be wagging too!
Sonic is potty trained and only does his business outside. I brought Sonic on potty breaks (3 times/ day) and also for longer walks in the morning and evening and he loved his walks around the neighbourhood. Although sometimes he barks and lunges at other dogs, I am sure this can be fixed with some consistent training. I was told by the staff that he also loves running, which I haven’t tried but I am sure he must be very good at!
Within just 3 days, I have already fallen in love with the boy and Sonic will also have a special place in my heart. I think of him everyday and really hope for the best for him. He needs a family that can give him all the outdoor time he needs and also someone that is willing to patiently teach and train him on the basics indoor and outdoor. To me, Sonic is indeed just a big baby that wants to be loved and pampered and it’s so saddening to know he hasn’t found his forever home yet!”