Breed : Pomeranian
M/F : Male
Size : Small: below 10kg
Centre : Foster
Age : 4 Year 1 Month
Microchip No. :606 329 044

Robin is a wonderful little dog. He is very friendly and loves to be around people all the time. Once he finds his favourite person, he is like your little shadow and follows you everywhere. He is happy next to kids and adults. He is a nice and calm and quiet dog in the home and prefers to cuddle and lay next to people.

He loves to be outside and happy to see the world. He is a perfect walker on a leash and I mean textbook walker. We take hI’m out several times a day and he never pulls and is always walking next to us. He is very good with other dogs outside, happy to sniff around and socialise.

He is fully house trained and hasn’t had any accidents in the home after we established a good routine.