Breed : Multibreed
M/F : Male
Size : Large above 20kg
Centre : Tai Po
Age : 1 Year 7 Month
Microchip No. :603 857 126
Richie needs a new home for a genuine reason. He’s had a wonderful life so far and has already grown into a big dog, and as he’s used to having a large home with outdoor space we’d really like to provide the same sort of environment for him. This is his story:
“We adopted Reggie (Richie) on 24 October last year, he has been such a joy to the whole family, he is such a sweet, gentle and happy boy. Currently 27kg, Reggie (Richie) is very very gentle with kids and sweet to everyone in the family, I often take him to pick up the kids from the school, and he was never aggressive to any strangers. He is already potty trained.
Before the adoption, we had three dogs so when my son developed severe hives we never thought he could be allergic to dogs. We sent him to see the pediatric dermatologist immediately and he ordered an allergy test on our son. The result came back and it was a big shock to us all that he is highly allergic to dog hair..
We discussed Sublingual immunotherapy with the pediatrics and thought if it’s just hives, we can just try to separate them (no body contact). But the allergy got worse and he started coughing more and more, and eventually developed shortness of breath.”
You can see Richie’s family really tried, but it’s clear that Richie needs to move to a new family.