Breed : Mixbreed
M/F : Female
Size : Medium 10-20kg
Centre : Foster
Age : 10 Year 6 Month
Microchip No. :109 844 629
Muffin was adopted at her early years then got returned. Luckily we found her a loving foster and here’s what the foster said about Muffin:
“Seeing Muffin’s sad face after being abandoned just broke our hearts. It surprised us how quickly she adapted to our place. She is a bit shy with strangers but give her a little time she will get comfortable and becomes an angel!
She is a sweet, gentle and mellow dog who shows affection by licking your hand and wagging her tail quietly. When she is familiar with you, she will come forward asking for pats and kisses.
She has a chill temperament and enjoys exploring new places. Spending most of the time napping at home, her favorite moments of the day are mealtimes and walkies. Her eyes start to sparkle when you prepare food! She will be watching you eat, staring at your food with her soulful eyes. She walks nicely on the leash and is fully toilet-trained. She is independent and can sleep on her own at night.
When we all thought she was a low energy dog, Muffin surprised us by initiating play with other dogs who share similar energy in the dog park. Our hearts melt seeing how much she enjoys having a blast running off leash. She gets along well with other dogs too and knows how to avoid dogs who are overexcited. As a highly food-motivated dog, it took her no time to learn the recall command and she responded very well to it. However, she gets a little bit nervous when meeting boisterous kids (which most dogs do the same).
Muffin definitely deserves a forever home preferably with no young children. Please give this little angel a chance and visit her if interested.”