2022 Cube Calendar – Closed

We’re looking for great shots of your photogenic dogs to feature on our 365 day cube calendar again! To thank you for your support, all sponsors of Dog of the Day will receive a Cube Calendar 2022 as a complimentary gift.  Please contact admin@hongkongdogrescue.com for enquiry.

Product’s dimension: 10 cm x 10 cm

Sponsorship amount: $480 for one dog  

Deadline for submission: 2 September 2021

26/11 Update: Due to delay in production, the cube calendar will be ready to ship in early December.

Update: The cube calendar is now in production and will be ready to ship in late November.

Option 1 – Sponsor your adopted dog: 
Want to feature YOUR photos of your adopted dogs happily in their new home? For $480, your precious rescue dog will be featured exclusively for one day and you will also receive a Cube Calendar as a complimentary gift! So start looking for that great photo of your dog(s).

Option 2 – Sponsor an available HKDR dog looking for a permanent home:
If you don’t have an adopted dog, why not consider sponsoring one of our many available HKDR dogs? By giving an available dog exposure, you will be increasing his or her chances of catching the eye of a potential adopter and finding their “forever home”. For $480, your chosen available dog will be “the dog of the day” and you will also receive a Cube Calendar as a complimentary gift! You can choose an HKDR dog by checking their profiles here:

Photo submission details:

  • ADOPTED DOGS/ RESCUE DOGS ONLY (but not limited to HKDR adopted dogs)
  • Only one dog per photo
  • High resolution (min 800KB, max 2MB)
  • Original photo, full colour, no black or white, no filter
  • Photos should be sharp and without “red eyes”
  • Landscape format preferred
  • No people or wording in photos
  • HKDR reserves the right to crop photos as needed