Prize List

To add to the excitement of raising much needed funds for HKDR, we  have some great prizes for the top 20 sponsored walkers:

Winner of prizes will be announced on our website by 9 December, 2016.

Prizes should be claimed from HKDR Homing Centre, 21 Ap Lei Chau Main Street, Ap Lei Chau, Hong Kong, from 12 December, 2016 to 12 January, 2016. Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash.  Prizes in the form of vouchers can be sent by mail.

 Prize# Sponsor Description Prize


1 PYE Gift voucher valued $10,000 $10000 Nelson Chan Nim Yuen
2 Glee Gloo Limited(milk & Co.) Ultra Light Moisturiser 100ml ($125) x 7
Face Cleanser 150ml ($105) x 7
Dry Touch Sunscreen 375ml ($250) x 7
Body Wash 375ml ($120) x 7
Take Me Away Travel Pack (Baby) (40ml each of bath time wash, shampoozle + conditioner,
moisturising qweam and 5 anti-bacterial wipes) ($95) x 7
Travel (Adult) (40ml each of Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash and Body Lotion) ($95) x 7
$5530 Amelia Ng
3 Gingers Voucher of light party menu $2900 Rachel Tong
4 CSL + Hunter Pet tracker service ($1,688) +
Large poker sofa ($1,169)
$2857 Anne Luth-Tam
5 Whiskers N Paws Pet products hamper + $1000 cash voucher $2200 Claudia Rotter
6 Hunter Poker sofa x 2 (one large & one small size) $2078 Shirley Lo
7 Yogies Voucher of frozen yogurt treats for dogs x 16pcs $2048 Chloe Leung
8 Aqua Restaurant Group Aqua Luna ticket x 5 sets $1950 Edmond Cheuk
9 CSL Pet tracker service $1688 Rose Lee
10 Virbac Pet supplies package $1572 Jenny Shum Ying Chi
11 Golden Gate Wines 8 bottles of Rex Goliath Chardonnay NV
8 bottles of Mariposa Merlot 2013
$1520 Frankie Luk
12 VElove Hong Kong Limited Vegan handbag Gunas Flamingo – Blue by Gunas New York $1287 Sophie Tsigg
13 Whiskers N Paws Pet products hamper $1200 Archibald Kwok
14 Faz Jewelry Dog shaped key chain x 5pcs
Dog shaped ear rings x 5pcs
$1185 Jane Fong
15 Pharmadies 4 shower sets: body wash and thermal bath brush $1148 Ashley Ho
16 Greenies Dental dog chews petite 27oz x 4pcs $960 Jenny Ng Chun Yee
17 Whospets A set of five “Metal Smart Pet Tags” $840 Claudia Yip
18 In-Motion 5 Pilates mat class $807 Antonia Leung
19 The Body Shop Frosted Cranberry treat box ($69)
Almond Manicure set ($199)
Absinthe Manicure Set ($199)
Rose manicure Set ($199)
$666 Gwyneth Clara Moore
20 Hill’s 15kg of Hill’s Canine Adult Advanced Fitness $646 Helen Yeung
Kids Faz Jewelry Dog shaped key chain x 5pcs
Dog shaped ear rings x 5pcs
$915 Tiffany Cheung